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Indian Association of Conservative Dentistry and Endodontics

President Message

Dr Girish Parmar

Dear Members,

Warm greetings!

As it is correctly said by Chris Bradford “Only by binding together as a single force will we remain strong and unconquerable.”

Indian Association of Conservative Dentistry and Endodontics was created to be this single binding force to amalgamate all the stalwarts of our fields so that our branch grows and evolves with each passing day.

It was a moment of pride to be elected as President of this esteemed and great association. Since 1982, due to its constant and endearing efforts of all our precedents, it is now one of the most active and powerful associations of our country. I appreciate all the good work done by all the ex- office bearers of our association and look forward for the best support and co-operation from present body. We are very lucky that we have very hard working, sincere, energetic and dynamic Secretary General and President, DCI as our guide, friend and philosopher.

To rise in any branch, it is of utmost importance to constantly update and share our knowledge. For this, IACDE has all through the years, arranged massive and extremely informative conferences and conventions. I hope and wish that it, with constant and rigorous support from all, will scrupulously continue to do so and more.

On the official website of IACDE, Clinical registry of cases is helping to archive interesting cases across India and act as a database especially for the Indian population which is resourceful for clinicians and will help to provide patient care. Information for patients is also available so that they may get aware about routine dental procedures and avail them without fear. Also, the website helps to keep updated with the upcoming CDEs and programs. The speaker bank which is available on the website is one of its kinds in the whole country and helps the organizers of the conference to choose from the best.

Website also offers link to the official publication of IACDE, Journal of Conservative Dentistry which has made possible for so many of us to showcase our researches and clinical cases. The indexing of JCD in Medline will definitely bring a welcome change in further increasing the publication trends among the Indian Conservative Dentists and Endodontists as they now have an indexed portal for reaching out their scientific contributions.

IACDE offers Student Exchange program as well as various research grants and awards to encourage our younger generation to gather knowledge and excel in the field as well to felicitate our seniors for their outstanding performance.

I am very happy to inform that we have launched Indian Board of Micro-restorative and Endodontics (IBMRE) this year.

Looking into the future year, IACDE would continue to focus on crucial matters of our branch and would encourage activities which bring out awareness about importance of our branch in common public by arranging symposiums and lectures throughout the country.

We are planning to cross the borders for better recognization of our association internationally.

And as Hellen Keller has quoted “Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much”

So let’s join hands together and evolve for a better tomorrow.

Yours truly,
Dr Girish Parmar,
President, IACDE.