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Terms And Conditions for the Grant

  1. Research grant applicant has to be member of IACDE.
  2. Approval of the research proposal and the grant should be for the specific project which should not be dissertation study.
  3. 3 research grants are offered – two for the students and one for faculty/ clinicians. In case no proposals are from faculty / clinicians, all 3 will be given to the students.
  4. If the candidate has received funding from any other organisation for the current project or any other project, it has to be disclosed. If found later necessary actions would be taken.
  5. Only one entry is allowed per college, and if allotted the grant the college is eligible to re-apply only after a period of three years.
  6. A member of IACDE can receive the grant only once, he/she is not allowed to apply again.
  7. In vivo studies will be given preference but novel in vitro studies with future potential will also be given weightage.
  8. All the proposals will be sent for evaluation to 3 reviewers.
  9. Only Annexure II – will be sent to reviewers . Annexure I, III, IV – will be retained with head office.
  10. Amount of grant should be exclusively spent on the project related activities within the stipulated time- maximum 2 years. An undertaking to the same effect will be taken from the applicant. In case of student as an applicant, this undertaking should be endorsed by the Head of Department.
  11. Any expenditure incurred prior to the issue of the financial sanction/approval order and after the expiry of the sanctioned duration of the project will not be admissible.
  12. The support will be in form of matching grant where in IACDE and the applicant put in equal contributions/ IACDE contributes the amount according to the limit fixed by the head office whichever is lesser.
  13. The grant will be made available in instalments.
  14. The investigator is expected to send progress report at regular intervals - 6 months.
  15. At the end of each financial year and/ or at the time of seeking further instalment of grant, the investigator has to furnish the following documents
    • Utilization Certificate / up to date Statement of Expenditure
    • Progress Report
  16. IACDE will reserve the right to terminate the project at any stage if it is convinced that appropriate progress is not being made or the grant has not been properly utilized.
  17. At the end of the financial year any unspent balance of the previous instalment will be deemed to be carried forward to the next financial year during the tenure of the project.
  18. Investigators will be encouraged to publish scientific papers based on the research work done with the support of the grant in journals of high repute. They should formally acknowledge the assistance received from IACDE. A soft copy of the paper published should be sent to the IACDE Head office.





All duly filled in application form should reach the mail box of IACDE on or before midnight of 5th October 2022. ( Only Soft copy or scanned documents . No hard copies.

Dr.Vibha Hegde

Dr.Vibha Hegde

Chief Coordinator
Dr. Jayashree Hegde

Dr. Jayashree Hegde

Dr. Preethesh Shetty

Dr. Preethesh Shetty